Digital Marketing Analyst Cosa Fa?


Si occupa principalmente di raccogliere ed analizzare i dati grezzi per poi convertirli in analisi ed approfondimenti, necessari all’azienda per escogitare le azioni future, col fine di trovare soluzioni più mirate per il processo di coinvolgimento e conversione dell’utente.

What does a digital marketing analyst do?

A digital marketing analyst curates actionable insights from various data sources and provides recommendations for improving campaigns, so critical thinking skills are a must! They help other team members understand campaign results by using data visualizations, statistics, website performance reports, and other measures.

What is digital marketing analysis&market research?

What Is Market Research? Market research is a scientific, or structured, the process of gathering specific data and analysing it to best assess a situation. In the case of digital marketing analysis, you must focus on two perspectives: the internal brand you’re in charge of and the competitors.

What is the process of analysing in marketing?

The process of analysing is by nature a process of active listening. Active listening includes listening to market needs, consumer behaviour, economic situation, trends, reviews, competitors, and many more. Digital marketing analysis is an overview of the brand’s position on all digital channels; where no detail is too small.

What are the requirements to become a digital marketing analyst?

Digital Marketing Analyst Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. Experience with analytical and reporting tools, including Tableau, Google Analytics, and Data Studio. Deep knowledge of digital marketing across social, display, and programmatic platforms.

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